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I started working with Jessica a year and a half ago when I was looking to achieve that toned body for my summer holiday!! After an intense program and meeting on a regular basis the results were almost instant! Jessica devises a program that is suited to the individuals needs and takes the time to listen carefully to exactly what you want, giving the best possible advice on how to achieve the results. I decided that my best bet was to continue on the path and keep up the hard work and it has been well worth it.

There is always encouragement from Jessica that helps you push yourself to the limit, and she is well able to put me back on track when I start to get a bit lazy! Along the way she is able to give good nutritional advice on making the right food choices and not forgetting the all important "drink water"! Without a doubt the training Session are always fun, I've even been shown stretches that help to ease cramp after wearing heels! Overall Jessica comes highly recommended as a Personal Trainer.

- Ann-Marie Walsh

I've worked with a few personal trainers now, and Jess is head and shoulders above the rest, not to mention the 'fro! Not only the most challenging (when I was at 100%) but also the most entertaining. However, where she really comes into her own is when you're recovering from a sports injury. She has more knowledge than a personal trainer could want to have, and puts it to use effectively!

- Nick Agar

I had my second son in February 2010 and gained around two and a half stone which I was keen to lose! Then along came Jessica...Over four months I lost just under three stone through exercising with her and following a nutritional plan she devised. I am now back to a size 10 and have never felt happier or healthier. My two sons adore Jess and become a friend as well as my personal trainer.

The best decision I made was working with Jess, if you do as she says it works!!

- Sonia

I'd not used a personal trainer before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect; I think I ended up with someone a little out of the ordinary! It's great to actually look forward to a bit of exercise after yet another long day at work, and I owe that particular phenomenon to Jess. Gym verses Pub; the odds really weren't stacked in her favour. Over the last few months she has systematically worked on my heart and lungs, all round body tone, and is now into targeting specific muscle groups - the ones I didn't realise I had because I literally didn't have them! I just turn up, switch off my brain and do as I'm told, safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to damage anything whilst still being pushed hard enough to see results. It's not an easy ride, but Jess does vary everything we do to keep it interesting and fit with the mood; if it's a nice evening we'll go out for a jog or cycle, if I'm stressed out we'll put on the gloves and box until I'm laughing. I'm a lot fitter, feeling a lot better and I have another stress relief other than the pub! I also now know my way around a gym, but I must admit I much prefer training with Jess!

- Gareth Williams, Citywire - Head of IT

I have been training with Jessica for about a year and a half and it's been great! We initially met monthly but now we are meeting weekly. I've joined gyms in the past but never really had the motivation to stick to it long term - often getting bored or in a routine which quickly ceases to be challenging. I hadn't considered a trainer before but Jessica has been motivating and inspiring. She keeps things fresh and focused. A real advantage is that she tailors programmes to your specific needs ( e.g. I have neck and back problems but high cardiovascular fitness so we focus on strength, toning and core stability).

Jessica's combination of being dynamic yet flexible and creative means that she gets more out of me than I can get out of myself! Essentially, I feel pushed but not at risk of injury. We mix weights with cardio, boxing and pilates - it's never boring! I find boxing particularly exciting since it develops strength, focused concentration and gives me a real high. Jessica has a range of kit which helps to stretch my physical abilities and keep things varied. On a practical note, Jessica is punctual, reliable and flexible with times and locations - she'll see you where you want which is very convenient. On a personal note, she's easy going and fun - she makes the session pass quickly and enjoyably! I feel I can be honest about my limitations and how much I've done (or not done) between sessions. I would recommend her highly and have done.

- El, age 31, London

3 years ago I joined a gym and made all the usual promises to myself. 30 months later, having never darkened its doors, I received a call from Jessica, out of the blue, telling me that I had spent a lot of money on my membership, had requested a personal trainer at the outset, and "Here I am." I was trapped and arranged an appointment. During the following 6 months my regime changed. I see Jess 2 or 3 times a week and whilst I don't necessarily look forward to my sessions with glee I have to admit that I almost enjoy them.

During that period my fitness and strength have improved markedly; body fat has been transformed into muscle, to some extent at least, and in the process I have kicked my 30-a-day habit. All in all, a great change for the better. And Jessica's secret? She makes it fun. It's not boot camp but a partnership where I might put in most of the effort but where I receive encouragement throughout. And it works, take my word for it.

- Stephen Richards

Life as an athlete can be tough and the opportunity to run fast, jump higher and throw further is neither near nor far! You would assume that as an athlete why would I need a personal trainer or to be precise why Jessica Kreimeyer. I will tell you it is to enhance the natural strength that I have, to propel the core strength and to achieve to the best of my ability. Jessica's constant drive and enthusiasm enables me to work harder to constantly seek the best, to overcome the barriers and believe in myself! With her articulate planning and innate knowledge I am reaping the benefits. Sessions are structured to how Jessica knows and understands how my body works which is optimally what I need. She presents consistent dedication with clear and concise feedback. Jessica Kreimeyer is my ingredient to produce the fantastic recipe of success!

- Shavaun Henry, 23, Athlete

After a sedentary, high stress job and then years of idle retirement I had put my heart into a parlous state. With little exercise and so much fat around it, it could have given out at any time. Jessica managed to change my life style using exercises, long walks and a change of diet. And it was all done with good humour.

- Richard Taylor

Jess is a miracle worker! After an incident with my car I had managed to trap a nerve in my lower back which had put muscles in the surrounding areas into spasm so it was very hard to walk. After 2 days of shuffling around slowly unable to carry out day to day tasks and not being able to sleep from the pain Jess gave me treatment which was a mix of deep tissue massage and shiatsu as well as flexibility exercises. Within an hour I was back to being able to touch my toes and walking around pain free! The next I could even tackle stairs at the tube station after being housebound for 2 days. I went from 60% pain to 0% after the work Jess did, I honestly can't thank her enough!

- Amanda

I have known Jess for around 15 years. I first came across her as I was seeking some nutritional support to compliment my training as an elite athlete. Through working with her as a nutritionalist, it soon became clear that she had so much more to offer; and we then began working together to increase my overall strength and fitness. My performance metrics increased and so did my ability to perform. I subsequently won medals at both European and World Championships.Jess has many other skills and gifts to offer. For example, she has also offered some invaluable support to my daughter who has an eating disorder. Her compassionate yet '' no-nonsense'' approach to this very delicate situation has been central to supporting my daughter with finding a more healthy relationship with the food that she eats. Thank you Jess for all the support you have given to me and my family.

- G Rice

After suffering for many months from a trapped nerve in my c3 and Visting many different physios I was recommended to see Jessica who specialises in helping people suffering from sports injuries, after a few sessions with Jessica and working through the exercises she had given I felt an immense improvement to my condition, I would highly recommend anyone suffering from a similar injury or pain to visit Jessica.

- Zane S

Jessica provides outstanding top-quality personalised medical exercise & shiatsu treatmens, with an incredible attention to detail & a personal touch. I suffer from long-term chronic back pain due to a major spinal surgery many years ago. Over the years I've been having treatment with her, I've made excellent progress, overcoming extremely difficult & hard-to-treat problems, including various medium-term pains in other areas of the body, despite the fact that many other medical practitioners were not able to help me at all with these. It seems that no physical medical problem is too big for her to help you with, & thanks to her large variety of medical qualifications combined with her strong personal dedication towards her patients, I d say that anyone should be able to reap the rewards from her treatment. Highly recommended!

- Cam